November Updates

We're well into November already and time seems to keep flying by. Some good news awaits, though I do have bad news about the open mic we were expecting to have near the end of the month. It's been cancelled. I was told yesterday, so I apologize if anyone was planning to attend or play, but we'll keep you posted if another venue or date pops up anytime soon. The good news - I decided to release an EP of music I wrote and recorded many years ago. Some of the songs are 15+ years old, and all were recorded in 2010 at Skylab Studios in Roosevelt, NJ. Recording personal included Dan Skye at the controls, Dan Zimmermann on drums, Jerry Hastings on some bass, and myself on the rest. The music is a little different than what you'll normally hear from me today, but I thought about it and realized I put all this time and effort into this music years ago, why not actually share it! Some of the songs are currently on my Soundcloud page, so you can give them a listen, but I plan on officially releasing the music via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc either in December or early in 2019. I will keep you posted!

As for gigs, I'll be playing a special Thanksgiving set at Good Samaritan in Kissimmee, FL on the 22nd. And a special reminder... I'll be back at Krogh's Brew Pub in Lake Mohawk on Friday, December 14th. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay warm!

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