Back at it... 

Well it's been a minute, but I'll be back playing some live music on Friday August 28th at Krogh's in Lake Mohawk! The weather is of course a factor as this gig will be outside due to the COVID restrictions, but hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate and I'll get to play some live music for ya'll! (Yes, I just used a "ya'll".) Krogh's has been kind enough to ask me to perform alongside their building where they have set up an outdoor dining area, so you will still be able to enjoy some food and drink while you indulge in renditions of some of my favorite songs.

I should be starting around 6:30pm and playing through 8:30pm. I will post any updates on Facebook as necessary as we get closer. Hope to see you there!

October Updates 

Hey all,

Just wanted to put out the word that this coming Wednesday, October 16, Ray Longchamp is hosting his inaugural Open Mic Night at Fetch Bar & Grill in Warwick, NY. That's 48 Main Street in Warwick from 8-11pm. Musician's welcome!

I also just posted a few solo acoustic dates for 2020! See my Gigs page for more details. I'll be adding some more dates soon.



July Updates 

Hey everyone,

A few updates for the month of July... First off, happy 4th! I know it's a few days late, but hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer! Second, I'll be playing at the Milford Dairy Bar this coming Saturday, July 13th at 6:30pm! This is an outdoor, solo acoustic show, and they serve ice cream!!!

I'd also like to thank Krogh's in Lake Mohawk for listing me on their website as one of their past performing artists. They decided to feature a photo of me at the top of the page too which is pretty cool. You can check that out by clicking here. They also mention some of my friends such as Ray Longchamp and Country Comfort.

After the Milford Dairy Bar gig, I'll be returning to Krogh's at the end of August for a late night gig. Until next time!

Stay cool!


June Updates 

It's outdoor music festival season! Finally! The Spring has been fairly quiet on my end musically. Sometimes you just need to take a break, rest, and recharge a bit, ya know? Well I did that and I'm feeling good and ready to play some gigs again! I did a special 2 hour set on Cinco De Mayo with Ray Longchamp at Krogh's in Lake Mohawk. That was a great time and a great gig! We sprinkled a few goodies in as well as a few of the usual tunes. My schedule is otherwise a little sparse at the moment, but I'm working on that. As of right now, I have one gig a month starting in July, but there are a few dates in June that are possibly in the works, so I will post those if anything comes to fruition. Anyway, until the Milford Dairy Bar gig in July, I hope you all enjoy the beginning of your summer and I'll see you soon!

February Updates 

Hey there,

While winter is fully underway, I've been keeping busy working in my home studio. I've been laying down a few new ideas as well as continuing my exploration of Logic while recording some of my favorite songs for fun.

I've also been booking some gigs for the spring and summer as that time of year will be here before we know it! The February gig I had scheduled at Krogh's with Ray Longchamp and Scott Hogan has been postponed for now. We are going to try to reschedule that one for later this year. As of right now, I'll be back at Krogh's for a solo acoustic gig on March 22, and then again on Cinco De Mayo with Ray Longchamp for a 2 hour set!

This summer, I'll be debuting at the Milford Dairy Bar in Milford, PA! My friend Eric Burke, and excellent drummer, will be joining me for this gig on percussion.

There are a few other things in the works, so I'll keep you posted!

Have a great February and hope to see you all soon!


January 2019 

Hey everyone and Happy New Year!

January has been a quiet month for me. I haven't really been out playing anywhere, but I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things soon. I've spend the first few weeks of the year learning some new recording software at home. I really like what I'm dealing with now that I'm starting to get the hang of things. I've been a ProTools guy for a long time, but the way things are right now, i.e. monthly subscription fees, upgrade fees, software bugs, and a a few other things have really gotten to me. I decided to give Apple's Logic X Pro a try after a friend suggested it, and so far, I like what I see. It's similar to ProTools in many ways, though in my opinion, it is a little more user friendly. Of course I already have the advantage of knowing the basics due to my experience with ProTools. I'm sure I could write a whole blog on the subject, and maybe that's not a bad idea! But for now, want to say at least this... ProTools is awesome and I think a studio with an engineer/producer at the helm, it is a great option and a way to go. But for the musician at home who isn't a trained ProTools engineer, Logic X Pro is awesome. Logic is a musician's recording software, and ProTools is an engineer's DAW. Logic is just as good in my opinion and for a one time price of $199, hard to beat in value.

Anyway, I might pop in and do a few open mics over the next week or two. If and when I do, I will most likely post last minute on facebook. Till next month (which is right around the corner)...

December Updates 

I can't believe two weeks have already gone by in December. The end of the year is approaching so fast! Next year is shaping up to be great (at least musically), and I'm looking forward very much to it! In the meantime, to close out the year, I'll be playing at Krogh's in Lake Mohawk (Sparta), NJ this coming Friday, 12/14. It's a solo acoustic performance from 6-8pm. A post-happy hour gig if you will. I'm thinking I will pop over to Penning's Farm in Warwick this coming Saturday evening for a little while. My friends in the Peach Project/OMG will be performing and they're a gig I try not to miss - for all you Allman Bros fans and Deadheads! Aside from that, maybe an open mic or two will find their way into my schedule. So hopefully I'll see some of you this Friday, but if not, I wish everyone Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! And I'll see you soon!

November Updates 

We're well into November already and time seems to keep flying by. Some good news awaits, though I do have bad news about the open mic we were expecting to have near the end of the month. It's been cancelled. I was told yesterday, so I apologize if anyone was planning to attend or play, but we'll keep you posted if another venue or date pops up anytime soon. The good news - I decided to release an EP of music I wrote and recorded many years ago. Some of the songs are 15+ years old, and all were recorded in 2010 at Skylab Studios in Roosevelt, NJ. Recording personal included Dan Skye at the controls, Dan Zimmermann on drums, Jerry Hastings on some bass, and myself on the rest. The music is a little different than what you'll normally hear from me today, but I thought about it and realized I put all this time and effort into this music years ago, why not actually share it! Some of the songs are currently on my Soundcloud page, so you can give them a listen, but I plan on officially releasing the music via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc either in December or early in 2019. I will keep you posted!

As for gigs, I'll be playing a special Thanksgiving set at Good Samaritan in Kissimmee, FL on the 22nd. And a special reminder... I'll be back at Krogh's Brew Pub in Lake Mohawk on Friday, December 14th. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay warm!

October News 

Nothing too crazy to report for October. I have a few gigs lined up for November and December, and I might be adding a few more toward the end of the year! So for now, I'd just like to share a recording of myself and Ray from earlier this month. We're performing Mississippi Half-step Uptown Toodeloo by the Grateful Dead. Recorded at Rhodes Tavern on October 1.


September 2018 

This month will be relatively quiet. As of right now, I have a single gig lined up for the month of September, but it should be a good one! I'll be making my debut at Krogh's in Lake Mohawk (Sparta), NJ on September 21st. It'll be a solo acoustic performance, but I promise to play some fun songs and maybe even try a few new ones! I go on at 6pm and will play through 8pm. If all goes well, I'll be back there in November. Hope to see you there!

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